Chris Edmonds’ Culture Leadership Roundtable equips leaders to create a productive workplace that demonstrates trust, respect, and dignity, for every player, every interaction, every day.

Each of the seven sessions focuses on real work and includes cutting edge business leadership training, insightful examples and case studies, and lively interactive dialog.

The program’s prime objective is to transform leaders from a task-driven, competitive existence in service to self to a purpose-driven, values-aligned existence in service to others.

This roundtable experience helps leaders build a new foundation for workplace inspiration and performance through a personal constitution and an organizational constitution.

Between-session assignments will enable participants to assess the health of their team or department’s culture and the quality of interactions among team members and with customers. Those assignments will help the leader refine their approach to build commitment and momentum quickly for needed changes.

Hands On with the Author of The Culture Engine

Chris facilitates every session. The “workbook” for the program is Chris’ latest book, The Culture Engine. Each participant receives a signed copy from the author.

In addition, each participant receives Chris’ Culture Effectiveness Assessment, an online profile that gathers perceptions from the participant and his or her direct reports. The CEA profile compares the participant’s team (or department or company)’s current operating practices with the best practices of high performing, values-aligned organizations.

Participant CEA scores are analyzed to build on great practices in place, to modify less-than-aligned practices, and to create needed practices that don’t exist today.

“I used to think my job was managing results and processes. Now I know my job is to manage people’s energy!”
– Lee, business owner

Each of the seven Denver sessions run 7-10am one day each month for seven months.

Session 1 – Kickoff Session
This free session introduces Chris’ culture model and process, presents real client success stories, and offers an overview of the next six sessions. Chris will explain his breakthrough tool of high performing, values-aligned companies – an organizational constitution. This session provides all the information one needs to discern if he or she would like to commit to the full Culture Leadership Rountable experience.

Participation in the rest of the program’s sessions requires payment of the roundtable fees.

Session 2 – Your Personal Constitution
Every leader who champions a culture change must have their own personal constitution formalized. This session will help participants craft their personal purpose, values and behaviors, and leadership philosophy. Prework for this session includes the Culture Effectiveness Assessment.

Session 3 – Your Team’s Purpose
This session begins with finishing participant’s refinement of their personal constitution. We will then guide the creation of your team’s reason for being, today. It’s not an aspirational vision of the future, it’s about what your team does today, for whom, and “to what end.” You will define how your team serves others and how it contributes to your organization, customers, and community, beyond making money for the company.

Session 4 – Your Team’s Values and Behaviors
This session gets to the core of your organizational constitution – defining the values and valued behaviors that you want all team leaders and members to demonstrate daily. We’ll build on the values work already completed on your personal constitution. Observable, tangible, and measurable behaviors will be attributed to each of your team or company values.

Session 5 – Your Team’s Strategies and Goals
We’ll finish any remaining crafting of your team’s values and behaviors, then will formalize your team’s strategies and goals. Goal clarity and goal agreement is the pathway to goal accomplishment. Increasing team performance starts with a foundation of clear goals.

Session 6 – Measuring Valued Behaviors
Once you define and communicate valued behaviors, the real work of aligning behaviors begins! Leaders must be role models of every valued behavior. Just as you monitor and measure performance, you must monitor and measure values alignment. We’ll look at the best practices for gathering reliable values feedback so it’s easy monitor values demonstration.

Session 7 – Holding Everyone Accountable
Our final session underscores the vital process of holding everyone – leaders to front line team members – equally accountable for both performance and values. Consequence management is discussed, as is the question of when do you coach – and when do you “lovingly set someone free” if they’re not aligning to performance standards and/or values expectations.

Don’t live near Denver, Colorado? Interested in having Chris host a Culture Leadership Roundtable in your city? Let Chris know!

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